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                                      About Chestnut Ridge

 Lisa and Chris Post, co-owners of Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center, long dreamed of operating a quality barn that specialized in Classical Dressage. Where the horses are important partners and not just 'equipment'.  A relaxed and stress-free environment where people can study dressage, learn and practice their horsemanship and most  importantly, enjoy their relationships with their horses.  That dream became reality in August, 1999.  

Chestnut Ridge is serious about dressage, but there are no 'agendas' or timetables.   No requirements to show, no 'who's better than who' atmosphere.  Basically, we pride ourselves on being a "No DQ Dressage-Barn" -  We offer a quality facility that provides excellent horse-care and quality training of horse & rider for the 'everyday' dressage-enthusiast.  Our riders are here to enjoy their horses, enjoy dressage; everyone works together, helps each other out and enjoys each others' victories.  All breeds and types of horses are welcome here.  We truly believe that Classical Dressage is just good training that will benefit and improve all horses - be they Tb's, quarter-horses, Arabians, saddlebreds, drafts, ponies, our beloved Friesians and other baroque breeds, and yes, even Warmbloods!   

Lisa Marie M. Post  is the Manager and Instructor-Trainer of the Center.  Formerly a  United States Dressage Foundation Associate Instructor for over 25 years, she has the knowledge and experience to bring you and horse along classically. .  Always horse-crazy, Lisa began taking riding lessons at the age of 11 years.  She began her serious study of Classical Dressage in 1992 with Bernardo Vergara, an ex-officer of the Chilean Cavalry.  While apprenticing with him, he impressed upon her the responsibility of studying and passing down to future generations the art of classical horsemanship. to this end, she strives to uphold these principals in the training of both horse and rider.  She currently trains regularly with Dr. Cesar Parra.  Lisa also participates in clinics with dressage trainers such as Charles DeKunffy, Dr. Thomas Ritter, Michael Barisone and others. (Photo:  Lisa & her first horse, Gabriel, at his retirement ceremony in 2000).


2009 -  Feb: Awarded the 2008 ESDCTA Good Sportsmanship Award "in recognition of all that she does to rescue equines (& other animals in need) and rehabilitate them so that they can go onto new homes and careers." (check out for more info on Lisa's rescue work).  

2008-  Incorporated Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, a Central NJ based rescue.  See

2007 - The culmination of the competition year was the 3rd place award with Galileo in the 4 Year Old and Older Stallions class at Dressage at Devon.

2006 - Awarded the 2005 Larry Landy Memorial Award ("The Sunshine Award").  "The winner of this Award is an ESDCTA member who is chosen because of generous and significant contributions to the long-term care of horses, our faithful partners in this wonderful sport."  Lisa was chosen for her hands-on efforts in securing a safe and permanent  home for the Monmouth County Park System's retired workhorses, Butch and Buddy.




2005 -  awarded a 2005 Educational Grant by the ESDCTA (Eastern States Dressage & Combined Training Association) to allow her to further her dressage education.  


At the USDF level, Lisa has earned Rider Performance Awards at every level offered:   Training, First and Second Levels.  


2003-    Earned a USDF University Certificate for Continuing Education in the Study of Dressage.


2001- Performance Horse Registry's Region One First Level Reserve Champion with Joe's Approval

2000-Performance Horse Registry's Region One Training Level Champion with Joe's Approval


On the local level, Lisa has earned numerous year end awards from the Eastern States Dressage & Combined Training Association as well as earning her ESDCTA Bronze and Silver Dressage Medals.


Students have earned numerous ESDCTA year end awards & Dressage Medals


2001- Coached the ESDCTA's Reserve Champion Training Level Junior Team at the USDF Region 1 Jr./YR Team Championship.

2002-Coached the ESDCTA Training Level Junior Team at the USDF Rgion 1 JR/YR Team Championships.  The 2002 Overall High Score Rider was student Laina Joworski on Chestnut Ridge's own schoolmaster, Cody.



 Our Equine Educators:

Noah - 20yrs old, Noah was adopted as a 5 month old PMU foal.  He is a Percheron cross and is working First Level, schooling Second.





Quinn - 19 yr old. Quarter Horse Gelding.  Schoolmaster in training.  Currently working Training Level, schooling First.

Tuxedo:  24 years young Spottted Draft.   Tuxedo has spent his life teaching students the intricasies of centered riding.  He's recently joined our staff to share his knowledge with our students.  



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