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Our Friesians

"Black Pearls from Friesland:  it is almost impossible to resist the tremendous charisma of the jet black horses with their flowing manes and dynamic movements.  There is something antique about their appearance, they seem like relics of bygone times, and they conquer human hearts by storm" - Gabrielle Boiselle in her book "Majestic Horse".

The Friesian ~ Magnificent and Noble, a horse that dreams are made of. They have a kind and lively nature; they are gentle, honest and clever.   The Friesian is a truly unique breed with an impressive appearance & Stature that set them apart.  Black is the only recognized color.  They have a noble head, a gracefully set neck, and of course, their signature flowing manes, tails and fetlock feathers.

The breed was developed over centuries, dating back to the middle ages.  By the 13th century, the horse was known by the name of its originating region, Friesland, a province of the Netherlands.  During the middle ages, they were the mounts for the provincial Knights in the Crusades.  Royal courts used them as coach horses.  In more modern centuries they evolved into an all-purpose horse for farming, travel and pleasure.  Today, they are used at all levels of driving, are beginning to excel in the dressage ring and can also be seen competing in saddle-seat and western pleasure.  

 When our first Friesian, Hessel, arrived at Chestnut Ridge in July, 2000, we didn't realize the impact he would have on us.   He was imported for a client, who ultimately decided not to keep him.  By that time, Lisa was thoroughly infatuated with the horse, so he stayed.  The photos above are of Hessel warming up at his first dressage showin March, 2001.  At that time, it was unusual for there to be more than 2, maybe 3, Friesians at a dressage show in the NJ area.  With his regal bearing and gentle temperament, Hessel received a lot of attention - - becoming the local good-will ambassador for the breed.  Today he is a Second Level schoolmaster, schools 3rd level and delights in playing in passage. 

After enjoying the company of our Friesians and receiving countless inqiuries about them, we extended our interest into "Chestnut Ridge Friesians", importing a few dressage/resale prospects and studying pedigrees.  For the past several years, our goal has been to produce Friesians with the bloodlines, movement and body-type (mid-light baroque) that will allow them to excel at dressage as well as ramble down the trails and be a best friend. Today, we occasionally have Friesians available for purchase.

 Our Broodmare:  

 Lobke J. (Owned by Denise Dillon)  Studbook Mare, awarded 3rd premie in 1998.

DOB:  3/9/95       Height: 16.2 hh.           Inbreeding Co-Efficient:  4.10%

Lobke J. is by Gerlof 294 out of a Ster mare by Tjimme 275.  Gerlof earned 1st premie Stallion for 8 consecutive years!  Gerlof also sired FPS approved stallions Teunis 332 and Bonne 341 and is the Grandsire of approved stallions Fridse 423 and the famous Nanning 374.

Lobke J.
is out of Mare Stam Line 111.  She has Ster and Model mares in her motherline.  She nicks back to Age within 4 generations through her sire, Gerlof 294 - - his dam's sire, Ulrig was by Age. 

In a clinic with Cesar Parra, FEI trainer and competitor, he stated that she was the best moving Friesian for dressage that he had ever seen (Please scroll down to Galileo's bio for more insight into this comment!)


Due to injuries incurred in a trailer-accident, Lobke is not riding-sound.  Her job for the past few years has been that of a "mom".  Lobke has outstanding bloodlines and puts quality in her foals--they are all gorgeous with great movement for dressage.  Her 8 yr old & 4 yr old sons can be viewed at our facility.

  Studbook Mare, awarded 3rd premie in 1998.   DOB:  3/9/95    Height:  16.1 hh.      Inbreeding Co-Efficient:    4.10% .   Lobke was presented for Ster, but the designation was not awarded due to lack of muscle definition in her back --residual results of a  trailer accident. This does not preclude her though, from producing top quality offspring for the dressage ring.



Indigo Knight Has Arrived!!   Born June 4, 2010 - by Sipke 450


He's quite an outgoing and adventurous young man!  Check out his one-month Birthday Extravaganza!!


 Indy's Sire: Sipke 450 -  Http://



Tynan ("Dark One" in Gaelic):  Born March 29, 2006 - by Remmelt 323

Currently Available to an Excellent Home - $16,000.00 --See Sale Page


 Tynan was awarded a Second Premie at the FHANA inspection at Iron Spring Farm in Oct. '06.  We were told told that he would have possibly placed higher if he had not been butt-high due to a growth spurt.

Aug. 30, '07:  Tynan placed 3rd in the Colt/Gelding Yearling Class at the Dressage at Stone Tavern Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show against warmblood colts!

 Tynan joined us at the rather civil hour of 6 pm on Weds., March 29.  Already he is impressing us with his flying changes, canter pirouettes and 'baby-steps" of piaffe!! He is a very sturdy colt and yes, he does have a small white star, which is allowable by the FPS standards.

His impressive bloodlines include 2 Preferent stallions in the first 3 generations.  In choosing a stallion for Lobke, we chose to nick back to the rare Age line to strengthen the gene pool.


Wraven - Born May 4, 2007 - by Remmelt 323 



~Due to some extremely naughty behavior at the breed inspection, Wraven earned a 3rd Premie, but we expect great things from him.  (We fully expected at least a 2nd Premie, possibly a 1st, BUT, he put his runner temporarily out of commission and so didn't show much trot as he galloped around the triangle).  It was commented that he had a great canter and would make an outstanding dressage horse!
Wraven was purchased in utero by Laura and Donny Megill.  Stay tuned . . . we expect great things from this handsome young man!

 (Lobke has the modern sporthorse movement, conformation and stamina for the dressage ring. Combined with the qualities of Remmelt 323 (see below - - he's one of 6 approved sons of Oege), the foals Tynan & Wraven are outstanding dressage prospects.)


 GALILEO ~Stallion ~ Born May 25, 2002 - - By Gradus

Dam:  Lobke J.

Due to his Polite and Gentle demeanor, Galileo has remained a stallion


 2007 - Dressage at Devon:

~3rd Place in the Four Years old and Above Stallions Under Saddle Class, out of 12 stallions shown.

~4th Place in the 5 Year Old Stallions/Geldings Materiale Class, out of 9 horses shown.

2006 - Dressage at Devon:

~Placed 7th in the 4 & 5 Year Old Stallions Materiale Class, earning a score of 67.200% in a class of 18 horses.

~ Qualified for the ESDCTA Year End Championships at Training Level.

2005 - Dressage at Devon:

~3rd Place in the Open USDF Materiale Class for 3 year old Colts and Geldings

 Galileo was imported from the Netherlands in utero and was foaled here at home.  He earned a 3rd Premie at his foalbook inspection in 2002.  Placed 2nd in the group for his 3 yr old FPS Inspection at Iron Spring Farm.  

In an Oct. '06 clinic with Dr. Cesar Parra, he reiterated that Galileo was the best-moving Friesian for dressage he had ever seen!  Three years earlier, Cesar had made the same comment about Gali's dam.  Proof that Lobke can perform and pass on her morement and talent to her offspring, with the offspring having greater talent than the dam!



      Sipke 450 - Sire of Indigo Knight

 Born: April 3, 2005

Color: Black
Breeder and Owners: Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg, Michigan USA
Approved in: 2009
Inbreeding: 2.73 %
height 1.64 m (16.1 hands) - and he will still grow
Stam: 50
Teade 392 Sport x Ulke 338 Sport
Dam: Bauwina W., Ster

Photos by Mark DiLeo.  See add'l photos of Sipke 450 at

 Sipke 450 scored 81 points on his riding test! He has an excellent walk (8.0) and is a very talented dressage horse. Willy Arts (trainer for the stallion testing) feels Sipke has a lot of natural talent for dressage, his canter is particularly well developed. 


  -  Remmelt 323 (deceased)-

Sire of Tynan & Wraven

In Dressage, Remmelt was Level Z2 in Holland, the equivalent of PSG here.  He stood 16.1 hh.  His Preferent sire, Oege, had 70% Ster mares and his dam's father, Hearke, was also Preferent.


 In his initial stallion inspection in Drachten the judges noted that "Remmelt is a very talented dressage horse . . . Remmelt has a lot of radiance."  He was approved on offspring, with very positive comments: * Impressive heads * Nice Fronts  *  Easy light tactful movement, with good freedom in the shoulder  *roomy walk  *  nice front leg action, with back legs coming well under in the trot   *   See for more info on Remmelt.  His offspring tend to inherit his abundance of mane, tail & feathers!!!


 Gradus 356 ~

Gradus 356, who was imported to the United States in 2007, completed his stallion test in 2000 and is already permanently approved on offspring. He entered Grand Prix Level Dressage in Europe during 2005. He was awarded another First Premium Ster in Holland inltiate 2005 immediately before coming to the United States. He is an excellent example of the FPS/FHANA desired sport horse appearance.

 He is an "old type", baroque style Friesian who is fine in harness. as of Jan 2007 He has produced one approved son and has another going to Drachten for testing in Nov 2007. 






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